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Jason Weiss, Esq.

Jason Weiss is the Senior Managing Partner of Weiss & Marretta Law. Jason holds a B.A. in Sociology from Fairleigh Dickinson University (2000), and graduated from Appalachian School of Law (2006). After law school, Jason entered into practice under the mentorship of his senior partner and father, Michael Weiss.


During his time with his Father, Jason quickly took the initiative to revamp the existing firm to adapt to the increasingly technological environment. In addition to establishing a web presence, Jason was instrumental in overseeing an expansion of the practice from the suburbs of Somerset County to the waterfront of Hudson County.


Jason brings with him nearly two decades of experience in residential real estate, with a focus on strategic representation. Although he is all too familiar with the complexities of large-scale transactions, Jason makes a conscious effort to ensure his clients understand the how and why of what he is doing. Jason prides himself on his ability to look beyond the numbers and make each transaction personal, often taking the time to explain otherwise confusing topics in an easy to understand and accessible manner, thereby ensuring that his clients are familiar with sophisticated concepts.


Jason currently supervises the Residential Real Estate practice division within the firm. When he is not behind his desk or sitting at the closing table, he enjoys spending time with his wife and twins.

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