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An Estate Plan Is For Your Loved Ones As Much As It Is For You

Too many people meticulously save, invest and accumulate significant assets over the course of their lifetime, yet fail to create a comprehensive estate plan to protect those assets. Studies show that nearly six in 10 adults in the U.S. do not have a will or powers of attorney in place. An even higher percentage of adults with children under the age of 18 do not have a formal estate plan.

That latter statistic is alarming. Estate plans are not solely for elderly individuals. In fact, an argument can be made that estate plans are more important for young parents who want to make sure their wishes regarding their children’s upbringing are followed in the event both a mother and father die.

If you have a will, but it has not been reviewed in more than five years, it may not reflect important changes in your life or changes to your wishes. We will review your estate planning documents and recommend any necessary updates.

Effective Estate Planning Tools

At Weiss & Weiss, LLC, we work with individuals from all walks of life to help them develop wills, trusts, living wills and other important estate planning documents. We will take the time to review your financial situation and discuss how you want to pass your assets to loved ones. Our estate planning lawyers have extensive experience assisting residents of central and northern New Jersey with a wide variety of estate planning tools, including:

  • Wills that appoint a legal representative and provide instructions on how your assets should be distributed upon your death.
  • Powers of attorney, which designate individuals who can make decisions on your behalf regarding financial matters or medical care in the event you are unable to make them for yourself

Navigating The Probate Process

We also help individuals who have been designated executors of an estate navigate the probate process. An executor is responsible for gathering a decedent’s assets, paying all outstanding debts and distributing the remaining assets according to the wishes expressed in a will.

The probate process in New Jersey is supervised by probate courts. It is not always necessary to go through probate, or it may be possible to go through a streamlined probate process. We can review the situation and recommend an effective course of action. We also represent individuals in will disputes.

Do Not Postpone Estate Planning Any Longer

If you are among the majority of American adults who do not have a will, it is time to correct that. You have more than you think, and your loved ones will benefit from your advanced planning. Call 908-300-3461 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.